Many clubs run Open Meets, some lasting one day, others across a whole weekend. Swimmers enter as individuals and not as a team, although they must be members of an ASA affiliated club. Entries usually have to be in at least one month before the date of the Open. To qualify swimmers must have achieved or exceeded the time set by organisers for each event. Trophies/medals are usually awarded to the fastest swimmers.

Some opens have finals which involves the swimmers with the fastest heat times, other opens have heat declared winners i.e. the swimmer with the fastest heat time wins the event, the second fastest gets second prize etc. Times achieved at licensed Open meets are recorded on the ASA database. Swimmers are charged for each stroke and distance that they enter, this is usually between £4-£5 per race. They can enter as many races as they want. It is the responsibility of the individual to get themselves to the open meet.

If any swimmer wishes to enter an Open, the ASA fee will rise from the current category 1 fee to the current category 2 fee, so if they have already paid it, they will have to pay the difference (usually circa £16-£17)

There is a closing date for entries on each Open so names, races and payment will have to reach me by at least 2 weeks before the closing date in order for me to process the entries.

If anyone would like details of any meets that are held during the year, please contact Lesley Wiles.


RESULTS – Halstead Open Gala – 13th April 2014

Download:  RESULTS

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